Trump 2019 Thread - Walls! Government shutdowns! Other stuff!



Yeah idk about this. I read that the QB tweeted that it was a great trip or something but I can’t help feeling… idk, embarrassed? You go to the White House and get served something you could have in your own town for like $5? Couldn’t they have had catering from a local restaurant in Washington DC or something? Also, who did the washing up? Or does it just sit there until the shutdown is over? Eh? EH?


Her replies to this have done me


I’m not sure it’s the Democratic base you have to worry about really. I’d guess it’s more about a candidate who can swing states and Bernie is probably so left that he might have real trouble. The only way I think a candidate like Bernie can do that is if they motivate a lot of voters who don’t tend to make the effort. I feel like that’s one thing Obama could do because he was different as a non-white candidate, he made people who weren’t voters think about voting. Trump may have done that too.

But I don’t think Bernie has that aspect. He’s too well known, they have to have something they bring that is a surprise.


Ooh, neoliberalism and questionable foreign policy ethics are a dangerous mix


He’s the most popular politician in the country. His stance on issues like medicare for all are exactly the policy positions that do swing reluctant voters.


I haven’t seen those stats obviously. I mean fair enough if he’s the most popular then he should be able to get it done easily enough.


lol filipovic is at it again


Hell is too good for DeVos


She’s the absolute worst. When people say “well at least Trump has been limited in terms of policy”, DeVos is an example of how damaging he’s been


Hamberders isn’t a typo is it? He must actually think that’s what the word is. Wonder if there’s footage of him pronouncing it like that.



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he’s such a weedy, nervous little manlet



really enjoy walter


Owen’s Grandpa has done me


What the shitting fuck’s going on?

Imagine being that fucking dense.


It’s pretty depressing to see the press acting like we still live in a world where right wingers believe in law/ethics first and foremost. The truth is that there isn’t a crime Trump could commit that would lead to impeachment. I mean maybe murder but it would need to be some specific white (probably male) person.


Not really stupidity though. All part of normalised racism, calculated by those wankers. I mean WW2 vets went back home to segregation and insults from just this type of white shithead.

So they know what they’re doing, and they fully embrace hypocrisy as part of their attempt to marginalise all non-whites.