Trump 2019 Thread - Walls! Government shutdowns! Other stuff!


as well as shortages of food and basic medicines, a lot of people are fleeing violence




:rofl: imagine how much this will wind up terfs


Why is Sorkin such a bellend


Ok and all, but isn’t that like a nothing problem* when the Washington Redskins exist in 2019?

*obviously not a nothing problem, but you know


Amazed that this comment has got away with just a “Hmmm”. I don’t care how throwaway or jokey it’s supposed to be, this is an absolutely vile thing to say.

Some of the language / tactics used on social media surrounding this incident (and others) has been pretty awful. It might not be the majority doing this kind of unnecessary ‘digging’ etc (there’s a certain level I think is fine but it often quickly escalates well beyond that), but others will happily jump on with it.

Sadly not surprised at all re: the incident itself. The Catholic church in much of America is frightening at the moment. Not helped by the number of MAGA converts who think being Catholic adds more history to their white supremacism. I know of a few priests from the area that school is in who tweet horrifically misogynistic and racist things near enough every day and openly endorse Trump (one’s profile picture is him wearing a MAGA cap).



Essentially, as profligate said, “America is so fucking weird”


“We didn’t provoke the situation” says white male wearing a cap that is pretty much an incitement to ethnic-cleansing


Why is anyone daft enough to look to Aaron Sorkin for anything other than snappy dialogue in a TV show/film (not directed at you, just at a news channel asking him for his opinion!)


The people going ‘oh no Rosario, I’m so disappointed!’ - almost as funny as people despairing when they found out about Grimes and Elon Musk


His parents hired a PR company to represent him. Urgh.


The boys asked permission from adults accompanying them to perform school spirit chants, he said

lol fucking geeks


oh dear


Eesh that’s like comically evil.


On a similar bent is this ‘article’, that PR firm are putting in the yards:


That articles just saying exactly what happened, backed up by video?


i suppose the FBI are trying to find an oligarch who trump cut some deals with that has absolutely no ties to more acceptable US politicians , which is gonna be quite hard i’d guess.

there’s too much to follow, so i only dip in and out of russiagate, does anyone have a good summary of where we’re at with all this? even people who follow it on the daily can’t seem to agree on what is happening. something comes out, it’s not true, it gets retracted, people believe it anyway, cycle drags on, trump eats a hamburger.


I think everyone’s drifted away from it for now to start arguing over every Democrat 2020 candidate instead


is the government shutdown just going to rumble on forever… with no side backing down :confused: