Trump 2019 Thread - Walls! Government shutdowns! Other stuff!


I’m going to US in Feb, really is looking like it could still be happening by then, airports are going to fucking nightmares by then aren’t they? Fuck’s sake Donald.


I cant see how it will be resolved. trump has tried to bully through his wall proposal… creating this impasse… so its right that the dems don’t give any ground on the issue, but now he’s played his move I cant see him taking a backwards step. :man_shrugging:

I can see him trying to shift the attention away from him… who created the situation, because now its the dems who are rejecting talks and deals… but so they should :confused:


I wouldn’t imagine that Russian state news is the best starting point for this, which Sputniknews is.

Per the BuzzFeed thing, the degree to which they are “wrong” is distinctly arguable - the “rebuke” by the Mueller investigation was a pretty gnomic one, and isn’t the massive “FUCK YOU YER WRONG” that some people are trying to portray it as.

People were shitting all over them for the Steele dossier, and at this point that has pretty much been vindicated (last I heard, anyway), though the method of relying on the fact that information was passed on to the president isn’t necessarily the best method from a journalistic perspective.

I’m not a journalist though, so probably shouldn’t be trusted on this - @hip_young_gunslinger would probably have a much-better informed take on that then me.


I’ve not no idea, my basic take is that Trump is a crook and would do anything for a dollar or two, I don’t think he’s some galaxy brain spy though, and all that will shake out is some “ooh, these deals are a bit dodgy but you know, business in business”, and no one will care, and we’ll all continue our journey into being consumed by the sun.


i know sputnik is state media, i just thought it was interesting to see how they are covering this.

that cnn article says the judge ruled the steele dossier was newsworthy, which i guess we can objectively say is true. but there’s still no proof of what he alleges:

The groups sought opposition research on then-candidate Trump, and found through Steele’s work some salacious yet still unproven claims.

broadly agree with what @hip_young_gunslinger says. my concern is at the end of all this we’re going to discover he’s cut some dodgy deals with oligarchs for personal enrichment and it will be a massive anticlimax cos the feds and media will realise it’s no better or worse than what almost every other american politician does.


Personally buy more into the idea that he’s basically been running on Russian money since the late 80s, and as such is super-fucking compromised. At this point that probably applies to the GOP as a whole as well, but I really strongly disagree that it’s

Would love to see your evidence for that.


i think if he’d been receiving money from non-enemy states or institutions nobody would care about this tbh. the proof is in how many politicians get $$$ from saudi and israel. and then like bush is like a saint now despite his family bieng intimately involved financially with the bin ladens for years. corporate funding, wall street money, koch-funded pols, etc. yeah these may be legal within the current framework but by “no better or worse” i mean more the morality of it all. a president who bails out the banks that wrecked millions of people’s lives and upon leaving office begins collecting grotesque speaking fees he doesn’t need from those same banks is just as disgusting as…whatever trump is supposed to have done here, tbh.


Russia will be leaking stuff they haven’t done to discredit what they have done.
Playing every side is Surkovs M.O.


tbf disinformation and playing every side is something every single country does. the modern russian state is actually quite bad at their attempts to do it in the west imo. now the ussr, totally different story. they were masters of it. i would say the UK or US gov may well be the best tho tbh. israel at a push, they have some really good bullshit artists.

(really trying not to come across like the Russia Defender again because i genuinely do hope something good comes of this investigation)


Mate Surkovs amazingly good, you’re underplaying the lad here.
Not denying everyones at it but he just completely destroyed all democracy in Russia


really sorry, my post reads as super dismissive and patronising towards you. i agree he’s been very effective in russia, funding all the different political movements and setting them at each other’s throats is quite clever/evil, and he’s definitely good at what he does. he’s also a big fan of tupac isn’t he? idk why i know that.


Really hope he’s got a Thug Life tattoo


thoughts and prayers etc.



Trying to create the trump youth.



I work in a hospital in America. I wish more people just walked pass rooms in a hospital and hear the patients crying on the phone to their insurance company because they gotta choose between living or going into massive debt. I just cannot understand why American’s think their health care system is anyway acceptable.


mikey P pushing for a coup in venezuela is it.


The replies are just pure dunking on him, it’s glorious, cheered me right up.


I just came here from the Mike Patton thread and got very confused.