Trump 2019 Thread - Walls! Government shutdowns! Other stuff!



Pro baseball player backing strikes, what a lad


I mean, it makes sense because baseball players have the strongest players union and did have their own holdout not that long ago, but still, so many athletes are either rightwing meathead lunks or carefully apolitical to maintain their brand image, it’s nice to see some people speaking up.


oh…oh no



Fair apology though:



oh my…

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Do we need/want a separate Venezuela thread? This stuff is interesting but probably a little buried in the Trump thread. Could be split off maybe?

(Or possibly there is already such a thread.)


Maybe we all did stupid things and wore stupid fancy dress in 2005 but it had to be a Republican and had to be in the (almost) Deep South didn’t it :sigh:


On the subject of shut downs, the Hill link in this Tweet was coming up with Malware warnings but the relevant bit is in the image:

So it looks like the shut down is just a huge political battle between Mitch McConnell and Trump right? MM can end the shut down by agreeing to the the terms from the other house but apparently his voters are mainly utterly mad Trumpers who would make sure he loses his seat next time round and is deselected…so he wants Trump to back down so that it’s all on Trump. Is that right?


Read back through and it seemed worth creating the new thread. @ghosthalo @profk et al, your posts are now here

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harris and biden seem the frontrunners rn. this is terrible for so many reasons. like harris is a cop and creepy joe is almost certainly going to get me too’d so hard. and these are the non-divisive candidates. either of these two ensure a trump victory in 2020.


Do you follow Respectable Lawyer? He’s very funny and I generally like his takes. Thought what he said about Harris was interesting (small thread):

I mean, there’s a lot of people who disagree with him there, but I get his view that of a list of bad options, she would be one of the better ones. Whether she could beat Trump though…


We’re still at the stage where the frontrunner is whoever has most recently announced they’re running.


it’s harris and biden as heirs apparent, come on. i remember people pretending hillary might lost the primaries back in 2015. she was always nailed on for it, let’s be real.

it’s kamala or creepy joe. i would prefer kamala.


Lol just remembered that dildo RPG tweet, anyone remember that. scenes.


Not according to a recent poll.


Full details here:


you’re not accounting for this still being preliminary, before the shit flingers go to work. and polls are useless, come on. 82% of people at my desk agree. the hours of footage of uncle joe touching women and children in really inappropriate ways will probably harm his standing, and in a run off between him and trump a republican victory is assured anyway

(budum ch)


There will be more accurate polls between now and November next year.


you’re not accounting for this still being preliminary, before the shit flingers go to work. and polls are useless, come on.


There’s almost zero chance Biden will be the nominee, saying that right now.