Trump 2019 Thread - Walls! Government shutdowns! Other stuff!


From the same poll:



Roger Stone charged…and so it begins (hopefully)


apologies, i’m speaking more about who the DNC want to see in the big seat. he is a centrist republican who wants amazon to teach poor young people the value of a dollar, and sort of tolerates POC and gay people. this is the calve cramping sweet spot for his supporters. we’ll see plenty of “locker room talk” style excuses from them when the footage of him touching women inappropriately in press briefings makes it to the main media outlets. he’s done as soon as that happens tho, optics and everything.

from now on i am here for the tweetin’ tea and nothing else.


Not usually big on US politics speeches in senate, and I literally know nothing about the guy and he could be a total melt who’s trying to emulate AOC’s approach, but this is pretty much :fire::fire::fire: the whole way through.


Yeah, that’s why I could never live there, as much as I’d like to, regardless of Trump being an utter fud. I’d be terrified of having a bad spell with mental health like many occasions in the last decade and not being able to afford anything like the excellent and incredibly understanding support network I have in the UK.


Oh dear


Massive dose of recency bias


Thanks to the beeb for this really informative section.


Well, I didn’t know about the no-socks stance so that’s something


Although they did state reportedly


We have the evidence

It’s not a good look, obviously.



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Also, check out his tattoo.



I had a counselling session last Friday. When I got there they told me my insurance had expired. (It hasn’t. I get my insurance through my employer. The same employer who runs the counselling service). Had to leave as I can’t afford the counselling without insurance. They said they were gonna charge me anyway. As you can imagine, I’ve had a pretty shitty week.


eww gross old man flesh




Crapping hell. I’m so sorry to hear about that. And I wish I could do something to help as though I’ve never been in that situation I’ve had tons of anxious moments due to missed connections with my British support network. Hope things get better for you.




From Roger Stone’s trial:


is a basic knowledge of modern day russia beyond the boomer ken