Trump 2019 Thread - Walls! Government shutdowns! Other stuff!


Drudge Report: Shutdown agreement has reportedly been reached, with announcement scheduled for 13:00ET


Cant wait to see how the dems have shat themselves this time


The shutdown is over…


For 3 weeks


Huh, I wonder how that happened?

“Meanwhile, thousands of Internal Revenue Service (IRS) employees failed to show up after they were ordered to return to work unpaid, the Washington Post reported.

The Trump administration recalled 26,000 IRS workers this week to handle the looming tax filing season.

But about 14,000 of them did not come back, and most could not even be reached, IRS officials told members of Congress.” (BBC) :thinking:



#trumpcaved is trending on twitter, Cernovich and Coulter and co are all turning on him, even the Qanon mob seem to be officially livid


“I never thought I’d say this right, but pull up the blinds. I’m opening the government…for an hour”


Not directly related to Trump, but nice to see John Goodman speaking up for unionised labour on TV:


i love him so much


Good lad.

Hollywood / the TV and movie industry is heavily unionised, right?


bernie is running. feel the bern. bernie, 2020. let’s go.



oh man i’m looking forward to this for another two years


a beautiful moment :slightly_smiling_face:


What is wrong with these people?


ummm baggage claim called, they’re asking you 2 check your privilege marckee


Howard schultz actually seems to be running, can’t imagine how he would think he has any chance of winning.


I assume also party dias as GOP/racist responders is the only reason I can accept that Obama score


Not going to get nominated unless the Dem’s reckon Trump can’t fail as an incumbent.

Probably going to be Harris losing.


i think when people say the trump energy is ebbing away they’re right, and if this continues i think harris or someone like her will kind of drearily stumble into the white house in 2020 by default. agree about bernie tho, there’s no way they’ll let him near the job if they can help it.