Trump 2019 Thread - Walls! Government shutdowns! Other stuff!




Then is it really good he’s running? Feel like we need someone new with good cred


Which is nobody right now. So may as well be Bernie Sanders


I guess. Only if you believe Trump in charge is better than not-Bernie.

Which I don’t subscribe to.

That said if AOC would be old enough to run in 2024 then I can see the appeal of using Trump x2 to force the party to be more left. Not sure if that would happen.

In my mind it’s better Bernie doesn’t run and we watch the Dems fail again with another centrist but this time without there being a split contributing. Of course if they win then maybe the States are just not ready for it.


Doesn’t look like it. The responders were pretty much from across the spectrum.



Yeah but in the US I assume people end up being broadly GOP or Democrat, so the recency bias would also be really coloured by their fundamental party politics?

But really I just mean those 34% Republicans are likely to be the heavy anti-Obama guys.


67% of respondents are over the age of 40

I’ve found why they don’t like Obama.


I wouldn’t vote for Bernie Sanders, much as i agree with his politics.


54% of voters were over 45 the last time Obama won (in 2012)


Out of interest, why?

(I like him a lot more than Corbyn, just find the culture around him insufferable)


Tax dodging cunt


i don’t think i’d vote for any living current or former american politician.


listened to something the other day where a person floated the idea of the dems running a bidenesque spoiler candidate if bernie managed to win the primary, and now it’s all I can think about.

i’d definitely vote for bernard on account of how he’s a cool and attractive guy


‘Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job.’

Douglas Adams-Monroe-Einstein.



that video of bernie pissed up and singing folk songs with his top off <3


bernie running is good for me cause it means I can buy some of his merch which is a funny injoke heh


Okay I checked and AOC is actually old enough to go for President in 2024 it seems. Of course she’d have to actually want to and there are four years for stuff to happen to take the shine off her so I guess we’ll see.


someone should tell CNN that it’s still too early to be calling it


So fucking weird how personality focused American politics is eh