Trump 2019 Thread - Walls! Government shutdowns! Other stuff!


Don’t think we’re that far behind here tbh


Theresa May would not get anywhere near running for president in America.


No, the system requires a different kind of personality, but if you don’t think people like Farage, Mogg, Johnson, even Corbyn are trading on how they are perceived by their fans and their critics as people as much as their politics, then I don’t know what to tell you.

Not sure it even matter anyway. These personalities are just proxies for generalised tendencies that people are really voting for.


actually i think i would cast a ballot for harris tbh, she’s got some good positions.


You’ve gone from “Harris is a cop” to giving her the thumbs up in about two days, you liberal centrist running dog.


Bernie>warren>>>>>>>>>>>>>>the rock>>>>>>>anyone else that’s put their name forward so far


idk, i think she’s shown a willingness to change. she’s backing M4A for example. if bernie wasn’t running i would vote for her instead (if i was american).


I’d probably just vote for the Democrats


quite like the look of the Libertarian field tbh


They’re all gonna ask m4a but will have different ideas what m4a means.


It’s just .ogg for people with Airpods


God libertarians suck. I already don’t pay enough tax. Don’t cut it even more.


McAfee has niche interests iirc


:whale: :eggplant: :question:




remember when libertarian just meant an atheist who smoked weed. now they’re all nazis.


Hey @ghosthalo what are the thoughts on this guy Julian Castro?

Obviously the only thing cheaper than an intern is talk, and talk is especially cheap when you are (I assume) a massive outlier who’s never going to get near nomination.


honestly i know barely anything about him. i suppose it’s encouraging that these policies are becoming more mainstream tho. more candidates like this help shift the conversation i guess.

have you heard about this lol

apparently loads of kamala harris fans mass reported his account for racism, arguing he was a russian bot pretending to be black or something. then the guy did a mini AMA on the bernie reddit and revealed he is real but twitter won’t unlock his account until he provides them with so many different forms of ID. wtf. pretty shady.


Wow. Fucked up


this is going to be even dumber and nastier than the 2015-16 campaign season isn’t it