Trump 2019 Thread - Walls! Government shutdowns! Other stuff!


Was waiting for it to happen and lo and behold, the ‘Sanders or bust’ engine truly started revving up on Twitter over Christmas. I thought his moment had passed tbh (in terms of his own candidacy, not in terms of his policy platform)


Waiting for Trump to rave about Les Miserables in response


Went to the cinema with Mrs HYG to see Les Mis, she’d never seen the musical - about five minutes in she turned to me and said “Do they keep singing?” (yes dear, they do), and after ten minutes “Is anyone in this cheerful?” (well darling, the name translates as “The miserable people”). So I feel liker her and the Obamas might get on.


The problem is that there’s nobody in the field even remotely similar to him. In European terms he’s a moderate social democrat, in the US he’s as radical a leftist that could ever get into the senate.

I wish there was an alternative to Sanders, because I think he’s too old at this point and has a number of other problems. But when the closest you can get to him is Former Republican Liz ‘Reform capitalism’ Warren, that means it IS him or another four years of neoliberal stasis.



I wonder what America will end up picking :eyes:

(I get where you’re coming from, though, and it is very frustrating that there isn’t anyone fresher ready to take up the mantle. Fwiw, I really like him; just find some of the stuff that comes with him to be a bit hmm.)


i sensed he was emanating tremendous energy, so i logged onto twitter…


He’s got such a fascinating brain.


Well I recall finding the musical interminable and depressing and shit when I saw it 20 odd years ago so I’m with the Obamas.


I don’t believe every person who voted for Trump is a rabid GOP Republican. Also there are those who just didn’t vote because they didn’t like Clinton either.

Just as Labour would strip off a chunk of Tory voters if they put a Blair like leader up there, I reckon the Democrats could do the same with one of their more right-wing members for President. Whether it would swing it with the loss of votes from the left is another matter.


You’re basically describing Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign strategy, it’s a dangerous game to hope someone simply carrying less baggage than her would fare better


I’m not saying it’s a good strategy I’m just saying it is a strategy and to suggest that every vote Trump received last time is still nailed on for 2020 is weird.


The thing is, this kind of happened in the midterms. All the middle class suburbanites Clinton was banking on turned out, apparently fueled by disgust at Trump.

The problem is that that demographic’s not big enough to give the Democrats any more of a swing than the modest one they got. Trump’s energised his base in a way no president in a long time has managed, there’s no sign of drop off in his approval ratings amongst Republican voters. I think a Biden-type campaign would narrowly lose in 2020.


The midterm swing was pretty big in fairness, a 40 seat House gain is not to be sneezed at. No guarantee they’d replicate that 7-8 percentage point victory (which would be enough to offset the electoral college horseshit) in a Presidential election of course, and yeah someone like Biden is not who I’d go for at all.


But Trump’s win was a massively narrow margin wasn’t it? I guess the electoral college fucks things up…


Yeah a relatively small number of voters in swing states like Ohio and Florida will win or lose a presidential election, but if you’re looking down ticket at races as a whole you also need more general shifts.


who beats trump if they get the nomination?

  • warren
  • sanders
  • harris
  • o’rourke
  • klobuchar
  • brooker
  • gilibrand
  • biden
  • clinton
  • the rock

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idk who klobuchar is, I’ll be honest.

probably missed someone really obvious also.




I somehow completely missed when he posted this back in November. Holy shit.