Trump 2019 Thread - Walls! Government shutdowns! Other stuff!


I thought it meant something really quaint over here about 10 years ago, like people who wanted the freedom to smoke in pubs and not have health and safety/red tape forcing them to cancel village duck races.


But unfortunately as everything’s become polarised with the left/right since 2016 even being slightly cranky for a laugh gets hijacked by the fash :frowning:


libertarianism has always been fash though, it’s basically the idea that there is no social contract


I think I’d vote for Warren just for how much she seems to wind up conservatives

*obvs Bernie in the first instance though


She’s made a very strong start, but I think she’s going to suffer the longer the race goes on and the more it becomes a personality contest. She is not an inspiring person.


can this be real


Biden is definitely a paedo isn’t he?


yes. there is a massive twitter thread of clips of him being overly familiar with young girls in meetings and press conferences and stuff. he’s going to get me too’d into the dirt.


New Head of Transport appointed then.


I’ve watched most of them. Savile-esque.




beautiful stuff


Elizabeth Warren would have taken 2 months and a DNA test to respond to that…


lol twitter personality krang nelson is now also suspended after being mass reported by bot accounts for dunking on kamala harris. it’s embarrassing all round but is entertaining for us, the most superior form of poster.




russian asset shreds nukes treaty with russia, putin playing 5th dimensional chess again i see. hillary warned us.


ugh really? I like krang


Putin got what he paid for


can’t believe I’ve got to worry about nuclear war on top of everything else! :frowning:

wish I hadn’t watched threads a month ago.


I know it’s helpful to get these constant reminders that none of this is normal, but even by Trump standards this is so weird and needy:

:man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: