Trump 2019 Thread - Walls! Government shutdowns! Other stuff!


How great do you think Donald J Trump is?

  • Really great
  • He is biggest IQ man
  • MAGA
  • Prefer not to admit how great he is

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E. Bigly great
F. Other (invalid fake news influenced opinion)


Oh good


love NATO


Even the Democrats are racist. Who am I gonna vote for now? A third party?

Yeah, go ahead, I’ll waste my vote


isn’t the perception that they are racist but they hide it better? idk.


this video is quite scary tbh


can’t believe I listened to a few episodes of these profoundly useless idiots.


lovett always seemed like he was maybe a nudge away from joining DSA. they’ve been roasted for this :grimacing:


“sir, that’s not my issue”

christ. so even if someone does ‘get it’ they aren’t willing to say owt.


So it turns out the Covington boys school vs native American elder standoff/ruckus a few weeks ago was a complete shitshow and was wildly misreported. The US media is fucked.


what’s crazy is i just listened to them chanting again and after watching that vid it’s now just an indistinct babble. but last month i was sure they were chanting build that wall. because I’d read 200 angry woke tweets telling me that’s what they were chanting. we flatter ourselves that we’re above this kind of thing but…holy shit.


It was immediately obvious there was a level of fallacy in the original report, starting with Nathan Phillips lying about the students walking over to him and surrounding him, but even just the start and end time of the original video felt like it wast trying to frame something outside of a wider context. By the fourth of fifth video that was released though it was hard to know exactly what was going on.

When the longer video was released I was confused why people still insisted it was the group “wearing hats” that were the ones being provocative and not the group shouting disgusting homophobic comments.


This is probably a failing on my part but with everything going on at the minute I didn’t stop to dig deeper or do much more reading/viewing around the incident. Ashamed to say but my first take on that video was pretty much, “Yeah, that sounds like something that would happen now” and I moved on.


ya like i say i read more reactions to the vid than anything else, then forgot about it. i was same as you and i think i just liked saying yeah, right on, to all the hot takes. when you gotta admit trevor noah has a point about something you know you fucked up.


State of the Union



The absolute state of the union

(haha enjoy my 100% original joke that no one has made before)



Made it 19 seconds in.


Almost Gove-esque