Trump 2019 Thread - Walls! Government shutdowns! Other stuff!


:face_vomiting: kissy face after eye contact


So much sarcasm in such handflapping.






This graph should feature in every fucking Democrat presidential hopefuls campaign. It should be something they’re pointing at, constantly.




typical of whiny chapos to shush strong women by saying they’re “bullying” and “physically abusive” to their staff :roll_eyes:


she is just awful


Mocking genocide to own the Libs


Find this article is worth returning to.


joe “creepy” biden :roll_eyes:

rich white men can say whatever they want


I knew AOC had a fault


i am screaming here, which is the parody acc




Doomed. Utterly doomed.


Not washing hands to own the libs?



Stop beating around the bush and say shit like this


ICE Deputy Director Matt Albence said on Monday that the proposal would be “damaging to public safety”.

"This is a crucial public safety issue… There really shouldn’t be a debate about us taking dangerous criminals and immigration violators off the street and out of our communities,”

Goes without saying but “immigration violators” is a really distressing and nauseating term, especially when used in the same sentence as “dangerous criminals” to make the two appear to be equivalents


Looks like Trump’s campaign against the media is working: