Trump 2019 Thread - Walls! Government shutdowns! Other stuff!


If you don’t mind me asking, how? In what ways??


Their already low taxes are even lower

Edit: that’s the only real change I think that people would say has “improved”


Guess some nebulous stuff too. If they feel threatened by immigrants I can imagine they would feel less so even though it’s likely nothing near them has changed?

Or maybe they were scared shitless of war with Russia etc so for them it seems like all of that risk is going away.


My prediction: Trump will not run in 2020 and retire, the fear of a comprehensive defeat will be too much for his Sunny Delight-infused ego to bear. But Pence will run instead and grab a shock win like the Tories in 2015 :rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:


If Trump wasn’t going to run then the Republicans would pick someone else and I doubt they would pick Pence. He seems a bit on the weak side to me.


still not convinced trump won’t get reelected, but I’m somewhat impressed at the success of the dem strategy. it seems to be to shift as little as possible on key issues and hope disgust with trump nudges the tide in their favour. it’s…maybe working? a bit? they’ll hopefully ride a wave of meh into 2020, and imo winning the presidency while offering nothing is pretty bold and deserves respect. “not trump” is their entire sales pitch and people seem to be responding. and most dems are fully aware they are the blue half of the business and war party and they’re fairly satisfied with that. party unity is good. and warren running will probably split the left vote, so probably the centrist candidate will unite everyone else around some nice sounding stuff about hope and opportunity. good for them. looking forward to an exciting campaign season.


looking forward to a narrow dem victory, then trump saying all the voting is rigged and its all bullshit.


Sweet, nourishing gruel.



That’s Biden’s campaign poster right there!


holy shit


Tax cuts I guess. On the Ed Balls Trumpland documentary he spoke to a low income worker who said Trump’s tax cut equated to $100 a month more in his pay packet.

From what I remember he’d previously voted for Obama and figured he’d give Trump a shot this time around as he could always vote him out in four years if he didn’t make a difference.

Regardless of all the chaos and incompetence everywhere else, I guess he and others in a similar situation will forgive Trump a lot for this alone.


I’m a fairly low income worker (although my state minimum wage is $4 higher than the federal one) and I saw negligible change in my pay cheque. I’ll guess we’ll find out when tax season starts (although someone at work said the taxman is one of the people currently shutdown)


Imagine having the kind of brain to think this doesn’t make her even cooler

Loved this though


Some really great takes on this…


This is… I mean, this is MENTAL.


Les mis is pure socialist propaganda, no wonder they hated it


Also, this thread is a trip down memory lane…


This corrupt piece of shit has been shaking down local businesses for 40 years. Absolutely wild, the man had 23 guns at his office! Just another corrupt democrat machine politician… who also used to do the Donald’s taxes…

And obviously the progressive pick for Mayor is involved!


Maybe ‘the people’ will throw the Dem’s the Presidency while electing Republicans to a majority in the house again and ensuring the president can’t do anything?


either way, we’re in for one heck of a campaign season