Trump 2019 Thread - Walls! Government shutdowns! Other stuff!


Didn’t know Charlie Adam was in congress


Everyone’s younger than you, chief.


One of the many interesting things I’ve learned on the legal advice subreddit is that age discrimination is exclusively about older people.


I can think of one person who isn’t. Chief.



he says he’s gonna declare a state of emergency if he doesn’t get his wall money lmao




‘Mr Trump also repeated the idea of building the wall out of “steel instead of concrete”, presumably in the hope that Democrats could then claim it was not a wall.’



Great stuff


Reading the article, it seems it’s unlikely that was the reason if no one has ever been reported being made ill from the song and a number of people taken ill didn’t hear it?


it’s also possible a lot of them were faking it imo


you see brad in accounts gets signed off sick for a month because “a sonic weapon” gave him “concussion like symptoms”, the first thing you do monday morning is pull the same trick


this graph looks like a migraine aura


How are libertarians and populists diametrically opposed?!


if we say they’re correct in using “left liberal” as an umbrella term for all left tendencies then bernie sanders is as left wing as castro or goldman, & hillary is almost same, lmao


It’s great how the concept of populism was cooked up in a week in late 2018, sank straight into the limpid pool of centrist’s minds with barely a ripple and is now an integral, utterly unchallenged part of their entire political understanding of the world.


Weird how we tend to assume populist means “racist saying racist things” but in the US I guess it means “someone who thinks Government can do things”



TBF the Wikipedia page basically says it’s defined as “you hum it, I’ll play it” so I guess it’s whatever you want