Trump 2019 Thread - Walls! Government shutdowns! Other stuff!


Well. This is interesting.


The Democrat leaders are very disappointed with Trump


what the hell is this


Trump’s demand for $10,000 billion for a flock of crystal unicorns and a second, bigger moon is one reason. The Democrats refusal to approve the money is another.


I’m a big supporter of Moon II tbf. It’s about time we showed our shitty little moon what a real moon looks like.


Very stupid and corrupt MOON has been FAILING for years, lying about HOW big it is and that its mass is 7.34767309 × 10^22 kilograms. This IS fake news! My new moon will show the old PHONY moon who is POTUS, and SATURN will pay for it! Sad!


Get on with it, Moonbyn!

Wait, wrong continent


Manafort’s lawyers have issued a response to government about the breach of his plea agreement, redacting certain text not intended for public viewing. However, if you copy and paste it into a new document the redacted bits appear.


Beginning to suspect these fellas are not very smart.


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though he is still months away from reaching a verdict—reports suggest he’ll wait until at least February to decide whether to run for the Democratic nod—much of the G.O.P. sees O’Rourke as the most salient threat to the president. “A Democrat who can carry Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, or North Carolina is problematic,” a Republican insider told my colleague David M. Drucker last month.

spitballing here, but is it possible that the republicans are bullshitting gullible libs and pretending they’re afraid of the guy who lost to human turd slug ted cruz so the libs will run the same flavour of empty centrism that lost in 2016? anyway this graph is helpful:


Leaving aside obvious issues with Beto O’Rourke, mocking him for losing a Senate election in Texas isn’t really much of an insult, the Democrats haven’t had a Senator there in decades.


I’m not mocking him, i just find it hard to believe this republican source is actually scared of him. and they know how to manipulate that democrat 2d thinking for their own ends.


I imagine there are dozens of little troll men constantly digging dirt and strategising about how to beat any possible dem nominee polling above 5% name recognition tbh.

it’s particularly dastardly of them to focus on his substantive voting record tho. some things should be off limits in politics.


Was in Texas before Christmas, they absolutely love him there. Every other car had a Beto for Senate sticker (over a month after the midterms) not just in the Democrat leaning bits either…


Republican wonks and officials are every bit as easily distracted and fixated on micro-data as their Dem counterparts. It’s pointless paying attention to them, much less second guessing them.


i would say it’s interesting to look at this particular non-story because it shows how little has changed since 2016, with either the GOP, the dems or the press. also it’s not beyond the pale to think the republicans are concern trolling the earnest nerds of the democrat party. also it’s mad how no matter how many times the bernie bro thing gets debunked people still want to believe they’re a thing.





It’s already been said, but christ it’s cringeworthy how much these guys want to be AOC.