Trump 2019 Thread - Walls! Government shutdowns! Other stuff!

He’s third by margin of victory.

Yeah, assuming you were to take them seriously (which you shouldn’t) they may suggest that whilst more people would vote for bernie than kamala, there are higher numbers that would definitely vote against him (rather than undecided).

is third fourth?

Because seven eight nine?

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Joey Salads is going to be president

The Wu Tang Clan are definitely the only good thing to come out of Staten Island

bear shits in woods

But it was the Jill Stein voters that cost the Democrats the election.

Sanders supporters’ most popular second choice is Joe Biden and vice versa.



Best/ worst thing about Trump telling AOC to go back to her own country is the fact that AOC parents are both American citizens by birth, while Trump’s mum is a dirty, smelly, job stealing, benefit scrounging immigrant

Trump having an absolutely normal one today

He’s quoting Lindsey Graham I think

I think he’s given Stephen Miller his Twitter tbh

Ah just caught up with Graham’s comments mad, that this is the level of political discourse in the US. Milquetoast social democracy? Clearly communism.

's why you may as well go full bore socialism. They will call Joe Biden a communist if he’s the nominee.

He’s trying to get them murdered isn’t he


It’s pretty much the same as in the UK, but instead of it being spouted by an white supremacist on the far right, it’s coming from people with newspaper columns and members of the PLP.