Trump 2019 Thread - Walls! Government shutdowns! Other stuff!

they have some okay takes on US foreign policy, weirdly!


oh well if american intelligence is saying this then say no more! let’s bomb iran!

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Someone posted this to FB the other day. I think they accept it:

As ever the best thing about this stuff is the twin contradiction of a video that says, “What the fuck is wrong with you believing the government? YOU POOR FOOL! Don’t just accept everything you hear,” while simultaneously presenting a series of unsubstantiated items as objective facts.

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so it seems the feds only pretended to investigate kavanaugh (which we knew) and the new york times buried another story to avoid making waves. christ.

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I guess he’s got to do some things I like.


Nothing to see here just the US Army casually killing 30 civilians half way across the world

fucking hell

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vice is a shitty outlet but they actually have a really interesting doc called this is what winning looks like about afghanistan. basically entire regions of the country are now cesspits of graft, drug abuse and paedophilia thanks to the american occupation. and the air force has so effectively terrorized the population that people don’t let their kids play outside on clear days because that’s when the predator drones are sent out.

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You know, we’ve definitely been missing outright McCarthyism, great to have it back.

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I know it’s a low blow, and a much-discussed one at that, but by God that hairdo is a real thing of fascination, isn’t it? I mean, combover however much you like, but at least try and make it look presentable from one angle. I just don’t understand the architecture of it.


the stretched twig of peace is at melting point


Even weirder when you consider he has all the money in the world and still looks like a creepy uncle you only invite to your wedding cos your ma insisted




BBC News - Trump Ukraine row: Democrats ‘to launch Trump impeachment inquiry’


Does a million impeachable things but it only gets traction from the establishment Dems when it directly affects one of their own.


yeah they’re doing it cos there is certainly dirt there on joe and this will get donnie to back off. fun watching both sides squirm tho.

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