Trump 2019 Thread - Walls! Government shutdowns! Other stuff!


Everything she does makes me love her a little bit more. I know she’s going to ruin it by coming out as a Coldplay fan any day now.


She’s just quoted a comic book. That was her shark jumping moment. Everyone back on the Sanders bandwagon.




Rorschach is full fash though. Not sure I can get on board with this particular one.


Agreed with this





Genuinely thought he was referring to the podcast at first


Whenever you’re told to “Sign up NOW”, whatever it is is always the most wildly unappetising prospect.


cheers for this, v interesting.

idk how biased Al Jazeera are on this kind of thing (i always got the impression they were more balanced than most) but some of these pics are pretty fucked up:


al jazeera are bad for middle east stuff but generally good for rest of the world. those pictures do paint a pretty stark portrait, shows you how food hoarding has impacted those poor people.


Oh boy


I’ve got to say, of all the Americans, I didn’t expect it to be this one who’d finally get that phrase right.


He’s half Scottish tbf


“beer catastrophe” has done me. the man can post, let’s be honest.


What even… Do I want to know?


I mean it might be worth pointing out he was going full racist in the post before. Not much funny about this.


he’s terrible, no argument about that


This is really juicy, but I’ve seen so many of these threads now that its making me lose faith that anything is ever going to happen.

Also, have I misinterpreted the bit at the end about the exec order or is the guy excited about the fact Obama seems to have granted the FBI free license to spy on every american if it suits them?