Trump 2019 Thread - Walls! Government shutdowns! Other stuff!


Everything our vast intelligence vacuum hoovers up, available directly… but only for counterintel and foreign intel purposes.

considering they’ve shown time and again they’re unfit to wield this kind of power, and indeed will abuse it if given half a chance, i have no idea why anyone would believe this claim or be celebrating it if it’s true. like, that surveillance apparatus remains in place even when/if trump is removed from power. they currently abuse and persecute minorities and “subversives” with the already considerable legal and spying abilities they have, and now they have the added cover of obama’s exec order and everyone thinking they’re heroes for going after trump. this is…not good.


sanders announcement IMMINENT





That’s why it’s so expensive. It’s really quite long.


rolls off the tongue


Donald Trump’s Mexican Wall
Row of Gardens

Old Blue Last, 8pm etc etc


cant believe ‘president buys burgers’ is headline news :roll_eyes:

I mean… I can… but… :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:


Those presidents sure love their burgers!


“Because of the shutdown… we went out and we ordered American fast food paid for by me,” he told reporters.

Of course it’s fucking American, the nearest different country is 500 miles away.


Tbf to trump its maybe the only thing in the world I agree with him on, burgers are brilliant


wrong thread :man_facepalming:


Politicians trying to appropriate out of date cultural phenomena that they clearly don’t watch/care about is one of my favourite things.

Again very thick of it


bernie is almost certainly running. awesome. he really is the only hope.


Last week’s Daily Kos poll:


He failed to win the 2016 Democratic nomination. What has changed?


i wasn’t talking about that, i was talking about his politics. but regardless, i imagine all that will change again by next week, and once campaigning starts in earnest, and for instance kamala harris support of death penalty/quasi-slavery/punishing poor parents comes to wider attention. like it always does. people said labour were going to get stomped at the last election, for example. things change. once people see how little the others have to offer, and adding in 4 years worth of new voters since 2016 who loved bernie but were too young to vote, i think we’ll see a shift. i hope so anyway, for all our sakes.


Is that a national poll? Or a specific state? I imagine a lot of the polling at the moment is based on name recognition anyway (plus Warren gets a boost as she’s already officially entered the running)


i take your point tho, i think we tend to forget much of the democrat base are very conservative. hopefully people are more clued up this time around, better able to spot the grift and weasel words, etc.


Beto O’Rourke is confirmed evil now right?


Voted by 35,000 users of popular liberal website Daily Kos.


Oh, so totally worthless then