Trump and Melania have the Coronavirus

Pence wouldn’t be able to serve two full terms if he became President before the election

He can’t postpone it himself, Congress would have to do it. Congress is nominally run by Democrats, but they never miss an opportunity to shoot themselves in the foot so it’s quite possible they could postpone it.

Not specifically related to Trump/Corona/whatever, but is there any actual law/official thing in place that prevents more than 2 terms? Having read a bit about George Washington off the back of watching Hamilton, it seems more to be a precedent than anything else, but I’m not sure if that was ever formalised. And FDR served 4 terms didn’t he, although idk if that was a war thing.

I dont think he or BJ have/had it. It’s a chance for them to be like “I had it and I’m back at work so what’s all the fuss about”


Think it was an official amendment in the 50s/60s


Pretty sure Johnson did, he’s looked like utter shit ever since.


Oh no

Now I have to copy and paste all my replies in the other thread into this one



the amendment to prevent more terms was passed post-fdr


Yeah was just looking this up, came in because of FDR

Also what I said above about Pence is wrong, sorry @laelfy

He could serve two full terms if he takes over less than two years before the election

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I think that he would because the time he’d have served as president in trump’s term would be so short. Think you have to serve more than half of a term to not be eligible to run twice yourself

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Oh you slimy fuck


Oh I was thinking along the lines of: Trump gets seriously ill, election delayed, Trump dies, new election.

But if he becomes interim president before an election he doesn’t get two full terms?

Caught covid in the mid-90s, the poor thing


The Democrats only control the House of Representatives, the Republicans control the Senate.

That’s an extremely risky game though because if you do that and then actually get it and get ill within a month or two then everyone knows you’re a massive fraud


Yeah I was thinking because Pence would take over in the interim that would count as his first term but I corrected myself after looking it up (all by myself with no thanks to @Aggpass)

They might also go for the ‘Biden has it too’ double switcheroo

(or Biden might actually get it between now and November 3rd)

Like faking a grandparents funeral to skip work