Trump has been impeached!!!!! (Again)

Holy shit!!!

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wish it meant something, but the Senate won’t actually remove him from office :frowning:



  • this will have material consequences
  • it’s empty symbolism

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what happens now? do they just vote on party lines and he gets away scott free because no one is going to vote away their power?

it is good that he’s really worked about it though, that’s funny


I think this is what happens, no idea if it has any other consequences!

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I’m afraid this is the worst thing to happen as it will probably lead to a re-election.


I hope he dies on the toilet from the stress, budgie


Just think, we could have President Pence for the next year!


Well, it’s not exactly empty. But I, personally, do not want Pence in charge. Hell to the fuck no!


There is a zero percent chance the senate will convict him


It’s a terrible thing that I share this belief.

Thats the US Justice system for you

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who fucking cares, honestly

A lot of people, if there is any hope to relieve the United States of the biggest facist since Adolf Hitler, many people my friend.


You mean, aside from people who wish he would just die on the toilet already?

This will no doubtedly strengthen the right, who voted him in in the last election. Which will probably lead to drastic consequences for the next election because senate will not approve this before re-election. But there is a glimmer of hope that this country will realize straight tyranny when they see it and vote accordingly. It will shroud him through the next election process


hope this isn’t true, but it does just play into so many of his attack lines so easily. he has got a mandate from the country, and political elites are trying to take him down for stuff that is only different from standard operating procedure in its compete lack of disguise.

non democratic or anti democratic means always seems to work for the right and always seems to backfire for the libs. the world is fucked & this is just going to cause violence. you’ve got to beat him in an election. how do they see the best case scenario going, I can’t see anything good.


It may also discourage some of his base from voting and galvanize the left.
(Hope is a lie. There is always more and it is always worse.)

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Its a full frontal assualt from the left now, have to press it. My only fear and I hate to say this as, I may catch a lot of flack (I’m a dem. mind you) is they just don’t have a candidate to beat him. The silent majority in this country has a lot of money and its completely fucking sad.

And what a peach he is