Trump has been impeached!!!!! (Again)

I’d like to see old donny trump wriggle his was out of this jam


I think this will have material consequences for his re-election campaign

where do I sign up?

In fairness, 'im peachiest president there’s ever been.

Once he’s out of office (presumably at the end of a term, be it this one or the next, are there further legal consequences to his actions in office?


Why would mike pe… ohhh… gotcha :wink:

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Why is there a tiny deflated balloon on the end of his finger?

Realise it’s old news now, but I still can’t really believe he’s the president. It’s fucking madness.


Try and channel yourself into the knobbed thread if you can, it’s a litany if howlers from me :smiley:

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Bout time someone took him down a peg

Clinton got impeached and didn’t get thrown out of office. Unfortunately I think this will be grist to Trump’s mill even though it was probably the right thing to do. Only the people can get rid of him. I just wish there was a better organised union movement there.

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Is Donty Trump behind this?



And so has Michael Fish

My excitement for this has not lasted very long at all

just don’t really understand the ineptitude of the Democratic Party, how does Biden seem like a good idea to anyone?

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Yasss queen


Impeachment isn’t really about justice.

If it were, it would not be left to the legislative branch.

Presidents of the United States of America- (im)Peaches