Trump in the UK


Maybe he’ll fall over or something


wonder how many terrible etiquette fuck ups he will make when he meets Liz, maybe a Trump signature power handshake?



I see the big orange gimp isn’t coming up to look over the shitty golf course he built up in Aberdeenshire. Just the ready-made one he bought when it didn’t work out.


If I’m really honest, I’m not looking forward to wince-inducing footage of well meaning lefties and their terrible placards.


Hopefully the litter-brained sex offender will just fly in, act like a baby in private with May, hack his way around a golf course and then fuck off forever.

No nonsense please (hopeful I know)


I hope he chokes on a fucking Novichoc-ice


I was going to go along to the protest in London when he came over tbf but I am now unable to

Who’s going protesting then?

  • Yes
  • No

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apparently he is going to meet the queen for tea and then she is putting on an expensive parade and if we are lucky we will be able to stand and cheer with flags as she is taken away in her big golden carriage
hopefully poor people will stay away as that would spoil it


And they’ll all pretend it was a massive success.


I’m going along to George Square after work tomorrow for the Glasgow protest.


I wish we could somehow persuade EVERYONE to stay away. Just empty, silent streets.



Be funny if he falls through the bar


Ash Sarkar :fire:


She’s getting everywhere these days. She even got asked to be on Celebrity Big Brother!


Good old media acting like there’s two equally worthy sides to these issues.


And Love Island, I think.

(or maybe it was something else, I can’t remember)


Yeah it was one of them. Fair play!

(Although with reference to the video I’m not sure her shouting “I’M A COMMUNIST YOU IDIOT!” will age well)


We have a caravan about 100 meters from Turnberry - I’m hoping the parents will go down and shout abuse