Trump in the UK


‘You Can’t Sit With Us’ is a great sign.


Who would have been travelling on that then? Or was it just general security shit?


Couple of t-1000s i think


There were 3 of them circling near my flat Thursday night. Thought they were drones at first until they got closer. Had to google to work out what they were. Crazy things. Don’t know why he needed to bring his own army helicopters.


Leaders of countries don’t tend to use public transport tbf

David Davis was taking RAF flights to Brussels


He’s got air force one hasn’t he. I don’t think he was riding in them. More a security patrol.

A shame he didn’t get on the tube tbh.


Can’t use Air Force one to get to the queens gaff from chequers.

His helicopter needs to be flanked


I hope he enjoyed circling archway a few times then.





Double Trump Baby down at the Meadows!

The one in the distance was about twice the size of the one I was up close to


That would never happen. So instead we have to something.

A lot of American friends have sent messages to me and other British friends thanking us for yesterday’s protest. They don’t feel alone. They feel that it’s worth fighting. They feel some empathy and, yes, comradeship. It was worthwhile for that if not anything else.


Do you think we should consider calling someone a “pygmy” to be racist? Hmmm…


Aha. I didn’t see this before I said something about pygmy being racist when not actually talking about actual pygmies.


I bumped into a friend from York as soon as I arrived on Regent Street, and then two other friends almost immediately afterwards. In a crowd of well over 100,000. I also met five people who gave me high fives for my Cramps t-shirt.


I wondered how those take-back-our-country brexiteers felt about a foreign power flying armed military hardware over our capital city… If it’s for the orange racist, it’s ok, I guess.


Worst bit of the entire thing


My gammon family friends were ranting about how immature and rude it was to fly the Trump baby balloon :roll_eyes:


People who probably thought it wasn’t rude to depict Obama as a monkey…


Of course not - that was just avin a larf