Trump in the UK

Keep reading the thread title in the style of Springsteen’s Born in the USA.


I mean that she got asked to go on two shows. CBB and one other.

Yeah that’s what I was referring to myself - CBB was definitely one, don’t know what the other was. Obviously gotten onto a celeb booker’s radar. The Novara crew obviously making a name for themselves. Hopefully Bastani will go on I’m A Celebrity and they’ll… just leave him there. That’d be good.


What’s wrong with being well-meaning? As opposed to the bastardness of Trump and the Tories?


He’ll do what May did during the election campaign. Avoid all people except for those who have been carefully chosen and anything else that he doesn’t like, pose for carefully arranged press photos, and then piss off back to the US claiming the visit to have been a success.

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The TV is going so I will be joining her in support, but can’t help but feel a bit apathetic. Protests have clearly meant nothing to this administration and it feels a bit futile.

On the other side of the coin, I appreciate that the protest means that we will be showing empathy to people who have been victimised by everything they have done, which is of course important too.

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Yeah I sounded unnecessarily harsh on the protesters - they are most definitely on the right side of history. It just feels futile and to some extent playing into “their” hands.

Sending their shitty president over to own the UK libs.


I bet he wont be able to help himself making a comment about the football - like red rag to a bull

If I do go to the protest - Clive is badgering me to meet him for a drink and go to dinner somewhere - it’d be because I think it’s worthwhile letting Trump supporting Americans know what we think of him. And showing other countries around the world that we’re not all Tories.


Trump’s visit to the UK was almost cancelled and has been seemingly significantly curtailed, by himself, because of the threat of protests.


Sad we’re in a position where we have to pander to this dickhead.


It was a reboot of Channel 4’s Shipwrecked, I believe.

Bit harsh on SenorDingDong, think it’s important we have a thread on this.


So he’s breaking up NATO then

Could Aaron Bastani go on that programme and be left on an island somewhere? I don’t know the premise of Shipwrecked but this is now the angle I’m exploring.

That was exactly the premise of Shipwrecked, so it would work very well (and isn’t he also always showing off how buff he is? That was another pre-requisite).


Is there nobody around to smash his face in?

“What do we want?”
“When do we want it?”
“Are you willing to take a fifteen-minute tram into town to stand in unity with us?”
(Blows cheeks)


In that case we need to start using F-UK - as in ‘formerly-united Kingdom’