Trump in the UK


In that case we need to start using F-UK - as in ‘formerly-united Kingdom’


The UK has been pandering to dickhead US Presidents for decades, so I guess we’re used to it by now


Very true. This guy is next level though. And the country feels in a more precarious position.


Why, is it a rubbish caravan?




ALL that protests do is fuel his ego and further cement his view that people who take part in them are dimwits with too much time on their hands.


I don’t think his ego works that way now.


I don’t think anyone’s attempting to get through to Trump though, that’s not a battle anyone’s going to win.

More about showing ourselves and everyone else that you shouldn’t be able to do stuff like mock a disabled reporter or boast about how you enjoy sexually assaulting women and be met with a shrug.


Perhaps. Obviously if people want to march or not I don’t care either way, but was just pointing out that previous protests HAVE had an effect. Albeit one that is small and of little grand consequence (Trump’s not going to look at it and think he might be wrong on NATO for instance).


((Although I doubt many people going on the march will be fans of NATO either tbh. Funny thing politics))


I am currently wondering if pandering to dickhead presidents is actually worse than their pandering to the Saudis.


Whether Trump sees it and what he thinks of it aren’t so important. We know his ego means he’ll interpret it the way he wants to. I just see it as an opportunity to show other people around the world, including Americans, what we think of Trump.


And all power to you :+1:


Ash is very good and I’m a big fan. Unapologetically intelligent, commie and working class BAME, effete gammon cannot handle this. I feel sorry for Suzanne Reid, i bet she palmed Ash a note saying “help me”.


Bastani is often bad but his politics are sometimes good, he reminds me of Spencer Matthews from Made in chelsea if he read a wiki summary of the manifesto. How much of bastanis politics are legit and how much is about pissing off daddy is an interesting question.

James pierce and ash and MZC are the best


Will January 2019 ever come??


Saw probably 25-30 West Midlands and West Mercia police vans on their way down the M40 presumably to help police this cunt. Good luck if you’re a victim of crime in the Midlands tonight or tomorrow.




saw him on the beeb the other week taking on the OFOC astroturf job. thought he came off quite badly tbh.