Trump IS President-Elect - The Thread


Vocalise your fucks here

Rolling Descent into Fascism Thread [chat away]
Help me find a new interest
@bird thread

Least we can get high in California




This year can go fuck itself.


what a time to be alive!


Fucking idiocracy.


Well Pence at least is dead against the evil weed!


Shitting christ


This is at least slightly better than being awake through all of it, but… fuck x infinity


Been said to death but… THIS year :frowning:





Fuck sake


Think I’m going to check out of the real world for a bit. Bury my head in hobbies (/projects).


Good luck everyone.


Ah shit.

You know, maybe Brexit broke me? Because I’m struggling to feel as shit about this as I did about Brexit. It’s more of a resigned shrug.




it feels like this is the most important time to engage in politics to try to change things moving forward, but it feels so disheartening and hopeless that i just feel like unplugging completely for a while.


I really picked the wrong year to try out sobriety.


I think I’m gonna not read or listen to the news for a bit.