Trump IS President-Elect - The Thread

Massive fan of the world in 2016


I knew that since the world has gone to shit, that trumped any other logic and I wasn’t trying to believe any of the peeps saying that Clinton would win… But shitting Christ. I think at this point it would be a massive surprise if a massive war wasn’t around the corner.

A majority (53%) of white women apparently voted for Trump.

Fucking hell.

It’s not so much that I don’t give a shit, because I do… It’s more that I was kind of resigned to it happening.

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Just to the that the majority of the American voting public are bigger idiots than the majority of the the British voting public. Or should that the other way around…

Brexit seems insignificant.

Hard not to see it as part of the same chain of events


Feel like I don’t understand or believe anything anymore.


2016: the year of Ignorant White People


The world feels very ugly and unfunny. (fuck).

Definitely will NOT watch his speech when it comes.

Markets/$ are tanking. USA!

For fuck’s sake, america.

Preview of Obama’s farewell speech


Fucking hell

America…you had one job…

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still not over. we still believe…

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its over :frowning:

Genuinely feel a bit sick. Is there any way HC can bring it back (currently at 218/245 and 43 states) or am i being thick :mask:

can’t believe this is real

Looking forward to her upcoming trial at the nearest pond, anyway.


Let’s stop pretending Hilary Clinton is a good candidate. Brexit felt like there was a genuine gold guy to root for, this one felt like being punched or kicked in the balls. But the sentiment behind the Trump vote is the scary part.

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