Trump thread of 25 Jan 2017 - wall announcement special!

Fuuuucking hell


Also that Chicago tweet.


If only some of those bullets had been shot at him, am I right ladies

He’s fresh out of the 1920s, in so many ways.

The checks and balances will kick in soon. I’m sure.

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Piers Morgan was boasting the other day how Fart calls him Champ

Are we doing daily Trump threads now? Makes sense I guess

What are we thinking on the wall then? Berlin style? Israel/Palestine style?

Trump Casino style?
Or some kind of quasi-military armed drone zone ?

Things get dystopian pretty fast don’t they?

I got to visit Terlingua and Big Bend National and State park last year. The border between USA and Mexico is at the lowest point of the Rio Grande. The people that live in Terlingua is mostly funded by doing rafting tours on the Rio Grande. I asked the lady who took us on the tour what would happen if the wall was built and she said that the wall would be built in the USA side and it would be a mile from the river so they would not longer be able to access it. And therefore the town/tourist industry there would die completely.
Proper sad because its an incredible place!
People can’t cross the border there by going through the river as on either side there is NOTHING for miles and miles and people have died trying to trek across from Mexico to the US so no one does it any more. It took about an hour and a half to drive down there from a cross section town in Texas and we passed NOTHING. What is the point.

Big problem with fauna* migration too.

Donald - if I was man enough to ask our fencing contractors to fit hedgehog friendly gravel boards - I think you can do the same.

  • I used fauna instead of animal to make it sound like I was clued up. I’m not, I only know there is one.
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I’m a big fan of the bear bridges over highway 1 in Canada.

Maybe dontrum will do the same for um… migrating humans?

maybe if they make the holes animal shaped?

so ONLY the animals can pass through?,default,pd.html?cmpid=ppc--george--ggle-pla--OD07TOYS_HOBBIES-–_-dskwid-s92700017137796559_dc&gclid=COv774D53NECFUM8Gwod8qIMLg

*trans-Canada highway I mean

was LITERALLY about to call you out on that.

Also; from the other thread

Threatening Chicago with Martial Law

What to expect from today (working day 3/day 5 of Presidency);

An executive order (11th so far) banning/halting refugees/asylum seekers - maybe a separate EO for the wall or maybe part of a raft of immigration crackdown measures.

I really, really fucking hope he doesn’t go as far as a round-up of illegals or a register or any of that shit cos that would totally be a trigger for full fascism.
I’m beginning to think his order that all federal agencies cease communicating with press & congress (!) is hiding something particularly nasty

Likely a further EO to declare that the wall must be built by American workers (like with the pipelines yesterday)

Also, various Republican controlled States are attempting to pass laws limiting protest and/or giving extra powers to Police

SCOTUS announcement expected next week

I wonder when other World Leaders are gonna start showing public concern about him?

This is fucking DARK

no way he’s building a wall smaller than somewhere else’s wall.


Can’t really see it happening.

it’s an interesting one eh. obviously they’ll have to kiss his ring but any leader that shows any kind of subservience to him is going to tank in approval ratings in their own country (you would think)

Not sure - if Tez May jeopardises this pretend favourable trade relationship people think we have…

Favourite wall?

  • Hadrian’s
  • Great (of China)
  • Belfast Peace
  • West Bank
  • Berlin
  • Western
  • Pug
  • Cornetto
  • Vienetta
  • Sausages
  • Stone
  • Brick
  • Retaining

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