Trump thread of 25 Jan 2017 - wall announcement special!

disappointed that the walls in belfast have been overlooked here, they’re an underrated wall



get voting pal

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Well, this is a bit meta:


Hmm, Le Pen must be wetting herself at the thought that this could be her year


Lo-Pan’s a man



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Putting journalists up on phony charges with 10 year prison sentences.
Imposing racist “Americans only” restrictions on labour for big capital projects.
Putting an effective ban on muslims by banning people from particular countries - even those with visas in some cases - but making exceptions for fleeing Christians.

This is definitely totalitarianism and given we’re on working day 3 there’s no reason to hope it’s not going to accelerate.

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Yeah this ^

Also, I think the SCOTUS thing will be key. He/his administration are likely to want to make some constitutional changes and once his Supreme Court pick is in then it’s goodbye Roe v Wade and who knows what else

haven’t engaged in the SCOTUS goings on. got a good summary to read anywhere?

Noted extremist funder and trainer Saudi Arabia spared.


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I hope that Hillary Clinton isn’t so insulated that she doesn’t wake up every single morning and think “This is basically all my fault”.

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So we’ve had the Mexico City Policy restored and enhanced, and it looks like today Trumps going to repeal the Violence Against Women act that guarantees funding for refuge organisations.

It’s like he’s actively trying to justify the women’s march as fast as possible…


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The wiki gives the facts
Basically the Republican Congress spent almost a year blocking Obama’s right to appoint a new justice to replace the Scalia vacancy

So Trump has a SCOTUS pick upcoming which would make the SC a 5-4 Republican majority

That’s worrying enough but this bit;

So Trump/Pence could feasibly have a 7-2 Republican Supreme Court majority before this term is out

Holy shitting Christ



At least he’s keeping the promises he made during his campaign. Not many politicians do that.

Oh yeah I think I basically Knute that. What can they do with that though? Appoint trump king?