Trumpocalypse (rolling)



Anyone staying up for the debate tonight? Reckon Hillary might annihilate him, he doesn’t seem to perform well when asked to follow up on any of his opinions.

538 has them converging recently:


I have a newborn baby that means that I’m usually up at 2am anyway, so I reckon I’ll be tuning in for this.
Really think Trump’s going to ace this. The format is absolutely made for him.


I predict that Trump supporters will say that Trump won the debate and that Hillary supporters will say that Hillary won the debate, and the debate itself will be tedious


was there a thread mentioning clinton on between two ferns?


Do you reckon? I suppose it depends on how hard Holt pushes him on stuff that’s blatant lies without appearing to be biased. Trump has already questioned his objectivity, and even though it’s been pointed out that he’s a registered Republican, that will be enough for Trump’s supporters.


Think sadly the narrative, if Trump doesn’t do something wildly awful, will be that Trump exceeds expectations by seeming vaguely coherent, while Clinton will be painted as knowledgable but dry and aloof. She needs a remarkable performance to come out with a win, just because the bar for Trump is so much lower.

The only thing I can cling to is that the media story for the past few weeks has been about Trump closing the gap, so I assume they’re poised for any chance of a “Hillary pulls ahead” again angle.


Trump tends to fall apart when pressed to provide detail on anything. During the primary debates, he could fire off a zinger, then retreat and let the others speak for a while - he can’t do that here.

It worked before to make him stand out from a crowded field, but at this point he has to know what’s talking about (or at least look like it), and I seriously doubt he can do that.

TRUMP: I think — I think, for me, nuclear is just the power, the devastation is very important to me.



Trump will be his usual awful self, and the press and public will say he just about shaded it as he ‘speaks his mind’ and because he didn’t take a shit on the American flag on stage or some crap like that.

Hillary needs to spend the final six weeks trying to persuade anyone who doesn’t want to vote or who wants to vote for Johnson/Stein to vote for her. You’d think people would remember what happened with Nader in 2000.


I hope you’re right. I don’t think he’ll bother providing detail on anything. People have had enough of detail.


trump could strangle a baby on stage and people would still vote for him


Yeah, but the issue is persuading the (somehow) still undecided voters and those who might vote for her but dislike her, or are thinking of staying home or casting a protest vote. 30% will vote for Trump no matter what.


Was going to make an absolutely fantastic joke, referencing the (somewhat shoddy let’s say) Alien Vs Predator film and its memorable tagline. Turns out the internet already beat me to it:


This whole ‘they’re as bad as one another’ narrative is total bullshit though.


Given the amount of effort put into that Dissers as Brands thread, I think they could have at least changed to logo to HVD “Hillary versus Donald” or something.


I still find it hilarious/depressing that anyone thinks that there is any kind of equivalence or believes that ‘they’re each as bad as the other’ in this.

Trump is, and would be, totally and utterly catastrophic as a President. Clinton would probably just be more of the same, at worst.

The idea that any of the accusations thrown at Clinton are in any way comparable to those proven against Trump is ridiculous.

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Had a day dream that something Clinton says riles Trump up so much that he flips out and calls her a bitch, and she waits a few beats while the audience is shocked, then calmy says: “That’s Secretary Bitch to you”.



I don’t know, there’s minutiae of policy like funding for individual infrastructure projects, that most people tune out.

Then there’s ‘how will you build this wall’ or ‘what is in your tax plan’, which are the sort of thing that’s important to know when voting (that Trump hasn’t answered).


What’s really depressing is if it was just up to white people, Trump would be winning this election comfortably. Imagine being a non-Caucasian voter in the US knowing that the majority of white voters have heard everything this shithead has said about black people, Mexicans etc and still think he’s worth voting for.


Trump has explained how he’d pay for the wall and his tax plans in rough ways, but I doubt he could stand there and justify them:


Trump just needs to not act like a dick and he’ll be adjudged to have ‘won’ The Debate.