Trust Level



“basic user”

After all these years, that’s how much I’m trusted. Don’t change it mods, it’s too late, the damage is done!

How much do they trust you?


mate, I liked the Facebook page and still didn’t get upgraded as promised.


I was user number 56 on the old boards. I think only Sean and maybe Theo were lower.

Now I’m just another basic fucker in a bunch of basic fuckers.


you thought the ‘evil’ moniker was a joke?


that’s the thing about trust, it’s like a glass lens you can spend years making, refining and polishing it. It will make you see and comprehend things you could never dream of, but once it’s gone, that lens is smashed forever.


after all we’ve done for sean, this is how he repays us?


my friend’s dad makes big lenses in his garden out of frozen puddles

they melt


I’m apparently a “member”. Oy oy!

(Is that better or worse?)


so true hon


Does it specify if you are an engorged or flaccid member?


How do you find out? :fearful:




try this link:


you might need to hit the “Expand” button.


Oh man that’s whassap. I’m a “member” apparently. Big floppy member.


you are a member


I get told this a lot :expressionless:




saw the list of shit you have to do knocking around, it’s all crap, read 100 threads, get a century, reply lots etc
basic 4 lyf