🚨 Try a new DiS community for music chat

Hi All

I’m looking at various alternatives to Discourse who host these forums, who have ended our crowd funded option a month ago (thanks again to everyone who supported that) and we’ll need to start finding £600 a month to continue to host these conversations.

As a lot of chat happens very fast, I’ve been looking into group chat apps that offer threaded conversations and an ability to quickly and easily set up new channels for different topics.

Haven’t made any decisions yet but wanted to spend a month or so trialling Geneva that I’ve used for some other things and much prefer it to Discord - especially as there are forum / blog style channel options.

Anyway, it’s free to use and free to host, and seems to have a lot of backing so unlikely to disappear (one of the original founders of Instagram is involved, and he seems to be a big music fan - even bought the Ed Harcourt album I released)

I’ve kept it music focussed for now as I know other topics will come with a lot more moderation concerns

Drop in and share some recommendations and browse what’s been posted so far (kicked off a little album club idea with a dEUS album)

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Are you saying it costs £600 a month for this website to exist? What the fuck and why? Make a fucking proboards my goodness.

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Also for proboards

I’ve honestly not heard of this before — @sean, is this something you’ve looked into/are familiar with?


Discourse is amazing. I reckon it was the absolute best option for killing old DiS, and now I adore it. The other forum I main is Xbox Era and they also use it.

Why, in particular, does it cost so much Sean?

As for Geneva, I’ll join and try it sure.


Signed up for Geneva but I’m stupid so no idea how to connect with you folks, if anyone could give me a pointer?

£600 was a deal as well, if it goes back to standard rates I think the usage means it will be well in excess of that, which is presumably why Sean is looking at alternatives.


Well proboards is free. Sure there are downsides like when you reply to someone you can quote them and their post shows up in the post you make so there goes the Thread for places where if the next reply was the reply to the last one then it’s amusing (rolling) thread, but for £600 a month less that’s a sacrifice I’d be willing to make.


I bottled the Geneva sign up when it wanted me to use my full name. Not sure if we can just make a fake name or it’s Geneva convention to use our real one.




Nah you don’t have to just barley as your forename and then Sugar for surname and it’ll work.

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Just FYI on Geneva once you’ve signed up you’ll probably want to turn off the “allow contacts to find me” option if you don’t want everyone to find out your username on here

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I hadn’t heard of proboards, they sound good but they only have 200mb of attachment storage available to the whole forum, so that means pictures will be out.

I think discourse costs so much because of the amount of users and bandwidth we burn through, so anywhere we port over to will be expensive?

Proboards is a bit crap imo, feels dated and is nowhere near as user friendly as Discourse


Although, is there a reason why DiS is on a custom band, and not the Business one? We don’t have over 5,000 members, do we?

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I super super love Discourse, best forum software I’ve ever used by far, but totally understand if it’s cost-prohibitive and we need to find an alternative.

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6,045 registered users, atm, but most of them are @Funkhouser alts.


Fair enough then!

Haven’t done one of those for ages actually!

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