Tryhard and Weird Derby - The Weekend Football Thread

Now that we’ve got these tinpot european trophy games out of the way we can all bask in some true and proper football at 3pm on Sunday as Lincoln City FC (UTI) make it to Wembley for the first time in their illustrious 133 year history. The imps beat Chelsea under-21s(?!) to book their place in the final and will be hoping to overturn Shrewsbury Town.

Put the cranberry juice on ice lads.


Glad no U21 sides have made it to any finals.

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Me too man, still a very odd decision to include them. Find it quite bizarre that Eden Hazard’s little brother scored a penalty in Lincoln.

Ha! Are you going to the game? Having been to the last 2 (and on the losing side in both finals) it has always been a cracker of a day out.

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I’m not going alas :sleepy: Quite a lot of rum’uns from my home town are though according to a few pals so good luck to them.

You’ve forgotten about the most important game of the weekend J_I, Partick Thistle vs. Kilmarnock! DiS visits the home of Kingsley!


Ooft it’s the meat isn’t it! Some very big games this weekend.

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It is indeed! On the beer with the lads, lads, lads (Oi, oi, oi!) before the game. Good luck to Lincoln! UTI!

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Up those ruddy gruddy Urinary Tract Infection Imps. Who are DiS supporting in this scottish fixture btw?

Got a couple of mates going to the Checkatrade. UTI!



I assume we are supporting the Jags? Bottom of the table, best mascot in world football, underdogs in this fixture, might get hammered. It wouldn’t be very DiS of us to support Killie!


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Yeah fair play, Kingsley will always get my vote.

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Having also been to both of the last finals I can confirm it’s a lot of fun. Shame you can’t make it @Jeremys_Iron


Hoping for continuation of form in the Mersey derby and all the other top 5 teams losing.

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Yes!! Though obviously the main thing is that we beat Oldham tomorrow :grimacing: - wasn’t expecting a relegation battle this season!

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Aye I’m pretty annoyed but life has got in the way slightly. Will still be able to watch most of it on the box though :+1:

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Madrid Derby on Sunday.

Can’t see Gary Rowett’s men getting anything, tbh.


It’ll be a tough game, Kilmarnock on current form are basically the best team in Europe, Steve Clarke has turned them into a winning machine.

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Third time I’ll have gone to see the Shrews at Wembley on Sunday, hopefully it’ll be the first time they win.

George Boole, Steve Race, John Hurt, @Jeremys_Iron - your boys are going to take one hell of a beating!