Tryhard and Weird Derby - The Weekend Football Thread



Obviously this season, and weekend’s been an absolute dream. This was us 20 years ago…

Southampton are going to ruin it all by punching and kicking their way to the FA Cup though, aren’t they?


About sums up the season that.

Congrats bloooos


throwing a game, handing your rivals the title and simultaneously disappointing everyone involved.

well played jose, the absolute antithesis of enjoyment


I was thinking it was a nice bit of trolling by Jose to take the shine of City winning the title.


Qui és el calb ara?


Jay Rodriguez for England


There’s no shit way of winning a title

Means city can rest people for the champions league and fa cup semis and the quadruple could be on.


Know a few Reds who had their Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp messages already typed up for full-time. Real quiz was last week apparently. Absolutely buzzing they shat their pants to hand it to us. Best way to win one short of a final dayer.


Academic now but José should really have kept hold of Zlatan for a few more weeks if he wanted to play the long ball in search of a late equalizer game


Well, it’s not exactly Aguerooooooo is it?




Congratulations to all the city lads.

Fuck United.


yes mate, good one


I’ve said congratulations to be fair


And this time City actually feel like proper champions.

Well done guys.


Absolutely fantastic that we’re on the beach while we’ve still got a semi to play.

Fuck it. Sack Jose and save the 3rd season meltdown.


Virtually 25 years to the day (give about a fortnight) i was doing keepy-uppies on a bit of wasteland near Old Trafford when Oldham won at Villa Park to hand United the title. Remember it like it was yesterday. Ferguson was famously playing golf at the time as well.


well done to all the lads


Every team should have their own bez


I am so happy, because