Tryhard and Weird Derby - The Weekend Football Thread


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Congratulations cityzens


Chelsea have sold us all a bit short really. Imagine if they had a couple of more wins under their belt, there’d be some major anus-flapping going on now.


The other two more than them. Inexplicable how Liverpool aren’t some distance ahead in second right now.


Mou has absolutely stitched them up tbf. Worst title win ever


Mourinho’s threw his players under the bus again there. Fucking hell. Imagine playing under that prick!


Got a feeling he’s going to wind up managing England at some point and it will be bleak as fuck


And relegate us with 49 points. We had one game to go but Oldham had three. We were 9 points ahead, they won all three and we went down on goal difference.

We’re now 10 ahead of West Brom with 4 to go with them on the last day. It won’t happen but some are worrying about it.


What a team in those days. David Lee, David Lowe, Bobby Martinez, Ian Kilford, Stuart Barlow, Paul Warne. Top stuff.


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Got a bit of temp work tomorrow, just one day at a place. Assuming there’s no middle ground…

  • Take it easy and get up early
  • Go to Didsbury and get absolutely twatted

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Would give it a 10 if Stanley had stealed promotion. They did a podcast with Bob Mortimer’s milk ad, you know.



Well, I think losing at home against the bottom side to hand your city rivals the title in the pissing rain is going to remain my least enjoyable match going experience for a long time…


Someone’s not got a semi final ticket


I actually have! That’ll have to do a lot to match today though, can’t rule it out I guess…




The Sevilla match was worse than today

Next week can be worse too


Dunno, that was West broms second win since August


Got a weird feeling Southampton will do Chelsea, United will stumble through against Spurs and have another gimme of a final.