Tryhard and Weird Derby - The Weekend Football Thread



Would be great if city had arranged to have the party at the same hotel mourinho is staying at




Weird league results when there’s not a lot to play for happen

The Sevilla match was a disgrace. Going out to Bristol in the league cup was awful and I’ve got no confidence of us beating spurs next week.


Spurs clear favourites I would imagine


Spurs are still spurs though so anything could happen


Love crouchy


I dunno. They seem a bit less Spurs-y of late


This is funny


Oh my


I mean, it’s funniness obviously is no consolation but it is funny nonetheless.


Good god. How can you possibly keep up the “it’s not over til it’s mathematically certain” bollocks knowing full well that you’ve already filmed that?

EDIT: just remembered this which we’ll all agree was totally different and not at all funny.



Jeeeeesus Christ :anguished:


Napoli drew 0-0 away at Milan.

Six points off Juve now…with a vastly inferior goal difference. There are still 6 games to go…and Juve still have Inter/Roma away and Milan home…but you feel that Napoli absolutely have to win the upcoming head-to-head to have any chance. At least their run in is easier…with (apart from Juve) their hardest game being away at Fiorentina (who would probably throw that game…as it’s Italy and they despise Juve more than most).

It’s still possible…and closer than any other big league in Europe…but I will be very disappointed if Juve win again.


Entire victory is invalidated now.

Pints down please @bugduv and @Parsefone


definitely going to buy all my UAE telecommunications through Etisalat UAE now


Street Etisalat


Where did you get those olives?

Etisalat bar


Welcome to Manchester, Mohammed etisalat


Opening a bag of light etisalat crisps in your honour.


Pollen count’s very high tonight…