Tryhard and Weird Derby - The Weekend Football Thread



“I won eight titles! I won eight titles!” I continue to insist as I transform into a corncob


Pissing a title’s miles better than a last day win, tbh.



can’t imagine anyone not liking Silva (and Kompany)


Great video of Kompany celebrating at his gran-in-law’s house. The way the United fan begrudgingly congratulates him at the end as if he’s just a City supporting mate and not, you know, the team captain… lovely stuff.



…my word…


I’d rather have come second and had a slightly less embarrassing video on social media tbh. That’s the real quiz


Would’ve never guessed that Bernardo Silva was he biggest supper in the squad. Few videos of him going pint for pint with the supporters. Top lad.


Well, that’s certainly a much tighter race.


Sure, we’ve had embarrassing videos in the past, but were they yesterday?



I think Man City deserved to win the title


West Ham - Stoke tonight!!!



If West Ham lose, they could quite feasibly get 0 points from all their remaining games and go down. That’s something, at least



An allardyce team with nothing to play for on the last day of the season


Arse has fallen out of the back of Leicester unfortunately. They’ll get 3 points from that and 3 from Everton, that’ll be more than enough.



Hard to see past the current bottom three really isn’t it? Happy with Stoke and West Brom, but Southampton have been decent value over the years

  • I would prefer West ham to get relegated
  • I would prefer Stoke to get relegated

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Because Leslie Mark Hughes is Southampton manager