Tryhard and Weird Derby - The Weekend Football Thread



In hindsight, this City team might have fucked the league title if they were still involved in the FA Cup or Champions League. The last few games they’ve looked like they’re playing on treacle after half-time. The only criticism of Pep i’d have is that he’s not rotated anywhere near enough. Next season he’ll have to try to pace the season a bit better. Walker, Otamendi, Fernandinho, De Bruyne, Sterling have played virtually every game.


Brightons run in is horrendous, could really see them dropping.


Stoke without a doubt, and not just because I want to keep them below us.


Don’t think the bottom 3 will get the points to bridge the gap. Think Brighton could lose every game and stay up


I think Southampton could do it. I think we need one more win to be sure.


It would have been tighter but fine.


I can confidently predict that West Ham v Stoke tonight will be a game of the season contender.


Sounds like Salah’s won Player of the Year. Kind of okay with that now we’ve won the title. Dunno why i was so against it before, tbh. Means fuck all really does it?

Anyway, apprently it’s as follows…

  1. Salah, 2. De Bruyne, 3. Silva

Same guy reckons Kane’s won Young Player of the Year. Should have been Sterling by a distance really, but meh. They should probably lower the age on that, really.


He’s 24. What madness is this?


Yeah, Southampton’s run in is relatively kind. Despite the euphoria of the last minute winner on Saturday, with our GD, I think we still need one more win too. Reckon third bottom will end up with 34/35 points.


Increase it if anything. Young up and comer Jesse Lingard isn’t even eligible.


Reckon it should be a breakthrough player or something like that. Kane, sterling, Alli etc. Have been established top Premier league players for a few years now


He claims he’s 18… ha ha got to love all the Kane gags


Young footballer

  • Under 20
  • Under 21
  • Under 22
  • Under 23
  • Under 24
  • Under 25

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Ashley is a lot older than all of those options




I looked at the last ten years of the individual awards - Players PotY, Young PotY and Football Writers PotY. In the case of the latter that’s announced at the end of the season, so went back a year earlier, but…

Spurs - 9
Chelsea - 5
United - 4
Liverpool - 4
Arsenal - 3
Leicester - 2
Villa - 2
West Ham - 1

That’s some pretty great trolling, eh? Not a single one, over a decade. Maybe De Bruyne will get the FWA award, but then i think they voted for both Scott Parker, and Giggs after he played 15 games.


looking at the goalscoring stats it seems likely that with 4 games to go Salah is going to beat the all time 38 game highest scoring season; he’s on 30 & the record is 31 (shared between Shearer, CR7 & Suarez)
so that’s really quite some feat in what’s essentially a debut season… and he’s already equaled the debut season record set by Kevin Phillips in 99/00

amazing stuff and it would have been a bit of a sour note to have done that and not got player of the year

shame for De Bruyne though …the two of them have been a class apart this season


I’m going to predict the players of the season for each team for no reason and with no knowledge

1 Man City - De Bruyne
2 Man Utd - De Gea
3 Liverpool - De Salah
4 Tottenham - Eriksen
5 Chelsea - Kante
6 Arsenal - Ozil
7 Burnley - the ever reliable Micky Oats
8 Leicester - Mahrez
9 Everton - A defender
10 Newcastle - Lascelles
11 Bournemouth - Wilson
12 Watford - Danielori
13 Brighton - Murray/ that Bald guy (joint award)
14 Huddersfield - Gibbons
15 West Ham - Arnautovic
16 Palace - Zaha
17 Swansea - An Ayew
18 Southampton - Ward Prowse Smith Jones
19 Stoke - Shaq
20 West Brom - who cares


The Palace player of the season will be Milivojevic.