Tryhard and Weird Derby - The Weekend Football Thread



would have thought Utd’s player of the season would be Matic but DDG is a safe bet




I was thinking he’d be a contender but couldn’t spell his name and I reckon Zaha will just pip him.


Forgot about Manager of the Year.

I’d give it to Dyche this season. Think 60+ points, one of the league’s best defences and maybe finishing above Arsenal on that budget would be a bigger achievement than Guardiola spending £300m over two years to win the title, being honest.

That award started in 93/94 so missed the first PL season. Ferguson won it in 11 of his 12 title seasons after that. In 20 of 24 seasons overall the manager who’s won the title’s won it, yet when Mancini won the league Pardew got it, and when Pellegrini won the league Pulis got it despite Palace finishing 11th.

As i say, i’d like it to be awarded to the manager who’s done best relative to his budget every season, but there does seem to be inconsistencies in how it’s dished out.


Depending on when it was voted for, Rafa Benitez might be in with a should, too.


Pulis has won MOTY?! :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:


Nah, I’m a season ticket holder. Milo has been outstanding, and Zaha has been out a lot. Tomkins will be 2nd.


Weird that only 6 premier league managers have had good seasons
(plus poch if he wins the FA Cup)


It’s got to be Dyche really


Matič’s form has been really mixed. Reckon i’ve seen every United game that doesn’t clash with ours. Bossed a few games, been as bad as anyone else a lot of the time.

I’d say De Gea, Valencia, Lingard.


I still reckon it will be Zaha. Wasn’t Tompkins rubbish in the first half of the season


Crazy Carlos and Roy the boy if they stay up I guess


Want Dyche to get it because I reckon the cunt might finally swell up enough to explode Mr. Creosote-style if he did.


Would be peak proper British football if pep breaks 100 points and we give manager of the year to a man with a cement mixer for a voice box


Just looking at some debut seasons - Stam winning the treble in his debut season at Utd, Aguero scoring the League winning goal against QPR in the 95th minute of his debut season

easy to overlook that the Arsenal invincibles season was Lehmann’s debut campaign. He played all 38 league matches & let in just 26 goals. Played 54 matches in all competitions that season. Mental


No hes been our best centre back. He was also injured early on. But Milo will win it, he’s been superb.


Pickford’s a shoe-in for Everton. Their defenders have all been either injured or Ashley Williams.




he’s always looked like the only one giving a shit in all the matches I’ve seen. Must have missed some key ones


He’ll probably be playing centre back next season, yes.