Tryhard and Weird Derby - The Weekend Football Thread



I like him. He looks really immobile and a bit overweight, but slaps a few in. My kind of player. Bit like Ivanov. There was one particular game where he looked like he was playing in lead boots, but then scored the winner.

Having said that, i used to have a tenner on him to score at any time whenever Palace played and i stopped it and ever since he’s scored regularly, so fuck him,


Think it might be Mooy the booy for Huddersfield. Hes been a bit up and down, but hes grabbed a lot of headlines in some of the big matches.


Pretty sure milo runs and covers more distance than any other Palace player. He certainly isn’t immobile.


RE: City next year. Reckon they should completely sack off the league cup next season - play 2-3 first teamers max in each fixture to give the youth a bit of grounding. Win-Win either way. They’ve won it, literally nobody would hold it against them if they ‘fail’ to retain it

Applies to Barcelona and the Copa Del Rey. They’ll probably win four in a row, including three domestic doubles - they’ve proven themselves there.


Maguire over Mahrez for Leicester surely ?


Pretty much the same guy.


speaking of which …

if VVD cost £75m (in the January window admittedly) then Maguire must be worth a lot more that the
£35m that United are reportedly putting on the table for his transfer fee ??


Maguire’s great. People look at him and think he’s a certain type of defender, but he’s much nearer to a John Stones type player than a physical centre-half for me. Obviously he’s not lacking in physique, but his main attribute’s his passing. Could be alright alongside Bailly, who struggles to pass a ball ten yards but has most of the attributes needed to become a top player, though he struggles a bit with balls over the top.


A lot of people have decided what type of player he is based entirely on the fact he looks like a butcher


Yeah, I’m a big fan. I’d take Maguire over Lövren any day of the week. A Maguire VVD partnership would be sweet and I was surprised that one of the bigger clubs didn’t come for him already when Leicester signed him last summer. He’s class


Wham are good value


Genuinely hard to identify a Chelsea player of the year. I’d say Willian, because he’s the only one who plays like he gives a shit.


Hope we beat Stoke tonight,and hope arnie winds their horrible fans up as much as he did earlier this season.

More than that though I want chicarito to play - I just want him to be happy. No doubt moyes will now have Andy Carroll ahead of him in the pecking order…




They should just get Duncan Castles and Guillem Baguette to duel it out, tackle out and everything, and whoever wins gets to go to the Isle of Fernandos with their crush and their body weight in Durex.






apparently we still own marco van ginkel, lol.


Still waiting for you to activate Lukaku’s buy-back clause tbh.


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