Tryhard and Weird Derby - The Weekend Football Thread



i’ve got Southampton slipping out ahead of Swansea on goal diff


le officoi.



less than two months till the world cup!

  • Pumped
  • DGAF
  • Meh

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Now is about the time in the build up to any major tournament that I start mentioning my German ancestry as frequently as possible to seem less glory hunting when I make the switch around the quarter finals


pumped for watching the world cup outside of Berlin’s top Späti’s (if I make it that long)


take the carpet bomb approach throughout the year myself, with the Spanish thing.


You gunna be throwing some plastic furniture around any sleepy historic plazas?


itinerary for the summer is as follows:

rob trains of their booze
walk around telling people ‘gibraltar is ours’
pose in front of Spanish landmarks with mini paella pans
white plastic furniture bowl
complain at the lack of pints (been doing this already)


Be served a beer
Ask where the rest of it is/ask if you can have some beer with that foam
Be crowned banter King 2018


never forget


should cancel the rest of the league season out of respect to the world cup



Favourite thing about world cup summers:

  • Booze
  • Constant football
  • BBQs
  • M8s losing their wigs at England
  • Panini albums
  • Mixture of all these things
  • None of these things
  • Some of these things

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I think i prefer a Euros to a World Cup.


  • Octopus predicting the results


I love stumbling across #realquiz type stats. Liverpool have conceded the fewest league goals since an arbitrary date chosen immediately after a heavy defeat. There should be a rolling #realquiz thread for next season.



Also in that time most people have noticed and commented on how improved Liverpool have been defensively. Narrative.


And with good reason, they literally paid a third more than market rate for the most expensive and highest paid defender in the history of the game.


Will be worth it if they pull off a miracle in Istanbul in Kiev