Tryhard and Weird Derby - The Weekend Football Thread



But its £75 million well spent so that Liverpool fans can be proud of conceding one goal less than a Ben Mee and James Tarkowski centre back partnership.


Cannot wait to support Mexico at the World Cup. Cannot wait to get absolutely pissed for most of the summer. Cannot wait to take days off work to watch it. Cannot wait to watch whatever shithouse games are on while at various festivals around Ireland during the summer.

One of my best memories of WC2014 was watching the Chile vs. Brazil game in a bar in Dublin while accidentally out of my head on pingers. Bizarre to watch a penalty shootout while off my head like that.


Michael Oliver the psychic bear


i hadn’t seen this before. thank you for bringing it to my attention


it’s all about half day friday followed up with super saturday

my housemate is nigerian so looking forward to watching their games with him



Cafe Kick action?


dunno i quite like being at home for the group stages

those two days are gonna be a hell of a sesh


My favourite bit is in the build up to the tournament, when the players start moaning about having to use a football slightly different to the football they have used for the last year.

‘It’s too round’




What a fucking day or two. Must book it off work now.


not a looker among em


That’s started already !


u wot m9


half-hearted trolling, ignore me


To get myself fully psyched for the World Cup i’m debating doing a real-time Euro '96 rewatch. 31 games over 23 days. Get Des, the Fantasy Footy lads and everyone involved.


i would very very happily read a shitton of wordcount if you did this


you were always gonna struggle given that one game Suarez v Salah and another is CR7 vs Spain, both of which could be extremely tasty

edit: not intentionally a pun regarding Luis and his teething problems


good spot, I’d forgotten they’d be in the same match. WORLD CUP!


yep, nothing can go wrong here…


Find that eerie, worrying and depressing in roughly equal measure.