Tryhard and Weird Derby - The Weekend Football Thread



Can see a lot of referees pulling out with pre-tournament injuries.


Should put one of those lads in every town square where England are playing. The plastic furniture might be able to rest easy then.




Did the same off my face on horse tranquilizer during the Ghana Uruguay match in 2010, and hallucinated the balls going straight through the net into the crowd during the shoot out. It also appeared to last about 2 hours.

Never again


Mexico are my wife’s team, so I will be joining you on the bandwagon!


I’m going to Costa Rica in August, so they are my team of choice.

¡Vamos los Ticos! :soccer::costa_rica:

Got my life size cutouts of Joel Campbell and… err… Paolo Wanchope ready.


Cheers severed and profk, now the TV will never let me go!


Liverpool have also scored the most goals in that time :grin:


And won nothing so far


You looking forward to champions league semi finals old boy ?


If you’re going the Pont Duca d’Aosta bridge has some lovely views on a match day


Lasted 15 mins into Hammers-Potters. That’ll do me, Clive.


Sounds like VAR in the Mainz game has gone down a storm


love the idea of you getting a whole ten minutes in and thinking “nah this is definitely gonna get good really soon”


Both sides are a weird mix of players. Like, 3/4 decent/v good on their day players and 7/8 absolute donkeys.


Hartey!11 jfc!


Oh Joe.


Crouchy :heart:

Stoke :roll_eyes:


Bloody hell. Awful keeping right there.