Trying to find 60s film score/tune - vague description incoming

Trying to find a tune that I think was used in one or more late 60s/early 70s US films.

It’s an acapella chorus basically singing an ascending ba-ba-ba ba-ba ba-da pretty much all the way through - the kind of tune that would have soundtracked something like Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid or What’s Up Doc? or similar. Basically an upbeat lounge song with no actual lyrics.

Help me DiS Music Board, you’re my only hope…

Not this one, is it?

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Right kind of genre but no - bit faster/more upbeat…

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You’re not thinking of the original version of the Eurotrash theme?

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Unfortunately not. Man, I loved Eurotrash back in the day…

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For some reason, even though it’s unrelated, you reminded me of this:

Can’t remember the actual name of it but it’s brilliant isn’t it?

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Pearl & Dean is definitely the closest thing to what I’m looking for - the ascending ba-ba-ba sound plus about the right - but is not it unfortunately.

Did not know that was where Chase The Sun came from - the was a very powerful tune on sports coverage in the 00s…

I don’t think this is quite right, but it’s what comes to mind looking at your description

Less orchestral than that, much more focus on the choir/acapella singing. Man, this is maddening…

Probably not this

None of these so far - I’m pretty sure that the biggest thing is that it has no instrumentation, just vocal chorus (I’m 90% sure on this - either way, the vocals are absolutely to the fore). I can actually sing it in my head, but without lyrics it’s kind of hard to write down :scream:

Ba-ba ba
Ba bah ba bah
Ba ba bah ba baba ba dah baba dah

You certain it’s a film score? To me that scans like Stereolab. Of course they could have ‘borrowed’ it.

Yeah, it’s definitely 60s/70s and I’m pretty certain the first time I heard it was in a film from that time. It’s definitely of that era - several of the songs posted in the thread have the same style (as I mentioned, Pearl & Dean is the closest)…

Any idea which film it was or nationaliy of the film i.e. French, Italian, English ?

Edit: Sorry - you said U.S. film. That’s helpful as it rules out a lot of the obvious Italian stuff.

I’ve heard it outside of its use in film also, so it’s not like it’s super obscure. Just not quite enough information to google it :unamused:

Blocked on my work laptop*!

*Probably a good thing as I would look crazy - I think it might come to me making a recording however…

If no hits tomorrow, I will do this :+1:

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