Trying to stay motivated with fitness when *indicates the state of all this shit*

Anyone else finding the pressure of increasingly bleak news cycles hammering your physical health as well as mental?

My routines I used to swear by have dropped off a cliff. Just got zero inclination to keep at it and can’t let go of that apathy. Worried that the weather drawing in for the year is going to finish any hope off tbh.

This is a depressing thread innit


Yeah I have no hope for the future to be honest, I keep trying to quit my drinking habit but I can’t feel any optimism to make it seem worthwhile.

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I suffer on that score too although slowly winning that fight. For a while was knocking back drink for the sake of it nightly


I’m sure you’re doing you’re best man, just got to try not to think too big…though that’s kinda where drinking helps :thinking:

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Same here. I hurt my back a few weeks ago and I just can’t be bothered getting myself into the head space to start training again. I know my mental health really depends on me training so it’s causing a nice little feed back loop of doom. I just have to grit my teeth and get back on it but…

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Yeah a large part of my exercise comes from walking to and from work but I can’t be arsed walking most mornings now because I’ve been up late the night before due to not being able to get to sleep properly and the minute I wake up my brain is actively worrying about all sorts of shit.


It’s the first push isn’t it? And I work from home more which mean work stays in my head more. And I can’t de stress with weights as easily as I could


I rely on my gym visits to keep my mood and energy stable. Without it i feel weak and like i have little control over my life.

I find the best method is to mix things up so youre not going to do the same things again and again.

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That last sentence is me. Let’s lose all our muscle together

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Not really, no.

Allow me to be the first to say: Twat.

I don’t mean this I just really wanted to say that phrase for some reason

100%. Having a kid really doesn’t help either.

Yep. Cycling has tanked off a cliff as I just find my brain whirring the entire time.

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I have this in winter. It can help to be forgiving to yourself. Sometimes when you take the pressure off, your motivation comes back naturally after a few weeks.

Also, if you can’t get motivated for your normal session, try something different. Even a walk can keep your MH from slipping too far.


Have you tried swimming? It’s a great full body work out, helps relieve anxiety & depression and when you get out of the pool the gym is just right there if you fancy putting in half an hour or so

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my struggle to stay fit has had to contend with my own personal mh struggles

I play football twice a week, which is an escape from things as well as being a fitness thing, though

so yeah, if you can somehow make staying fit enjoyable?

Hey man yeh it’s a struggle isn’t it…I’ve started drinking every single night…not silly amounts but maybe 2 or 3 cans whilst I’m making tea and it’s got to the stage where I really look forward to it.

Having said that I do still manage to get myself to the gym maybe 3 days a week and a Pilates class on a Saturday morning.

Fully working from home has totally destroyed my exercise routine. I used to walk around 7 miles every single day when I was commuting.

Have to say I do enjoy the gym though…I maybe only go for around 40 mins and go at 8am and it’s quiet and I look forward to it also being a reason to properly listen to a new album.

I always find winter hard though…sometimes I have to not think and just get my joggers on and leave the house and I enjoy it but if I stop to think I will definitely just stay in bed to right before work at 9

Hope you’re ok mate X

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