Trying to think of a song

I thought it might be Feist, but having listened to some of her top songs on Spotify, it isn’t one of them. Loose description:

Singer sounds a bit like Feist
Really upbeat
Quite a big production, lots going on
Might have a line about “arms around me”?

This isn’t very helpful I know, but it rings a bell, let me know.

Is it The Impression That I Get?


I wish.

Literally came in here to ask if it had anything about knocking on wood in it.


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Afraid not, I googled “arms around me song” and got this and the Jens Lekmann one, but it’s neither of those - it’s a bit faster. I’m sure it’s a Cat Power, Feist, Bat for Lashes type singer songwriter.

found it!



Nah. Much faster. It’s got the vibe of Hall & Oates You’re Making my Dreams Come True.

Arms around me might not be in the lyrics. That’s just what I’m putting in when I mangle it in my head.

Da-da-da da arms around meeee, da-da da da oh, ohh, ohhh
Together, whatever, da-da da da oh, ohh, ohh

(Lyrics are not representative)

It’s a lot more twee than this. Cheers for the guess though.

gonna keep doing wild guesses, hope you don’t mind

Fire away!

It’s not this, but that kind of tone…

Don’t get hung up on the arms bit, I’m probably wrong on that.

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