Trying to think of a song


I thought it might be Feist, but having listened to some of her top songs on Spotify, it isn’t one of them. Loose description:

Singer sounds a bit like Feist
Really upbeat
Quite a big production, lots going on
Might have a line about “arms around me”?

This isn’t very helpful I know, but it rings a bell, let me know.


Is it The Impression That I Get?


I wish.


Literally came in here to ask if it had anything about knocking on wood in it.




is it this?




it’s this, innit?


Afraid not, I googled “arms around me song” and got this and the Jens Lekmann one, but it’s neither of those - it’s a bit faster. I’m sure it’s a Cat Power, Feist, Bat for Lashes type singer songwriter.


found it!






Nah. Much faster. It’s got the vibe of Hall & Oates You’re Making my Dreams Come True.

Arms around me might not be in the lyrics. That’s just what I’m putting in when I mangle it in my head.

Da-da-da da arms around meeee, da-da da da oh, ohh, ohhh
Together, whatever, da-da da da oh, ohh, ohh

(Lyrics are not representative)





It’s a lot more twee than this. Cheers for the guess though.


gonna keep doing wild guesses, hope you don’t mind


Fire away!