Better late than never.

Lying on the sofa while our little friend sleeps on my chest to thumping ambient techno which seems to settle her really well.

Chicken fajitas for dinner :slight_smile:


Great band

Doomy as hell

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Are you trying to push weird ambient music on us all again?


So clammy. Might have a pre bed shower.

Had a fun day I guess…curry for tea. Quite tempted by a gin and t later,

Listening to YLT and sweating. Hate it when it’s this close. May have a shower in a sec. My partner is off to the gym, so have an evening to myself. Will probs stick mad men on. Meh

Another two hours to go in an stuffy non air conditioned office. :frowning:
I’ll be doing the same on Thursday and Friday.

Wasn’t going to have a beer, but this heat may force my hand.


Found this amazing label called Disintegration State the other day you should check them out!


might play some video games this evening

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mmmm ambient music.

Rain delay for work, back home listening to the new Black Midi album. Loving it so far.

Made a Sri Lankan chicken curry from scratch and had it with popadoms and mango chutney. Supposed to have finished work till Tuesday but I’m going to have to work tonight as too many loose ends were left. Calves still hurt.

Been feeling a bit low the last few days so took myself out for a run. Met a little girl on a kids bike who insisted on racing me, so we had some races along the river. Cheered me right up :heart_eyes: Curry now.


Who won?

Sandwiches make good and cheap dinners.


Busted my ass at swimming then walked home and I’m very chuffed with myself. So shattered, might end up having a really early night.

Nothing interesting is happening at the minute but I’m still going to post.

Pro tip: they make excellent breakfasts and lunches too

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Her, obvs, although I did get a very sweet high five as my consolation prize.

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Been enjoying Aperol spritzes for quite a large fraction of the day. Quite relaxed now

Cheers! First beer on the balcony this year. The balcony’s so small that there isn’t room to get my beer and the sunset in shot


Hi is this the Tsdyvnngthrd?

Can’t wait for it to get dark so I can try out my three new Ikea lamps. Rearranged the kitchen a bit to accommodate two of them. Going to be so groovy. Can’t wait

Pasta pesto Jessica Jones red wine nice