Hi is this the Tsdyvnngthrd?

Can’t wait for it to get dark so I can try out my three new Ikea lamps. Rearranged the kitchen a bit to accommodate two of them. Going to be so groovy. Can’t wait

Pasta pesto Jessica Jones red wine nice


Had a couple of free beers hic.

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The Child won’t sleep.

Oh I thought this was the thing everyone’s been doing where they spell their names with the letters in alphabetical order, mine is Adegilnnru I think

Aw shit, it’s the fucking Irish!

I’ve put a big slab of Jamaica ginger cake and a big slice of cherry pie in the same bowl and drowned the lot in custard. Because I can, that’s why.


It’s 21:06 and I’m in bed. Yessss

Nando’s is a shambles tonight

What up.

Having a beer, watching some Handmaid’s Tale.

Feel a bit sick now for some unknown reason.

Watering plants between sitting on my arse drinking wine

They run out of gas again?

No but I had to wait several minutes loitering in the doorway before I was attended to, also no glasses and then my glass was hot from the dishwasher

I didn’t even get food, count yourself lucky

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Also something vinegary in my pitta

Shit day at work, feel poorly as shit, tired as shit, my mood is shit. Shit.

Also sent to the lone dinner’s bar of shame when there’s loads of tables


Treat yourself my lovely.

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i miss your premium photos of beer and dogs.

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Wish I could slickers but it’s two days before payday :frowning:

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