[TTLF0020] Psychadeel by To The Lovers, Farewell



[TTLF0020] Psychadeel by To The Lovers, Farewell

  1. Amanita Phalloides 02:58
  2. Psychadeel 10:12
  3. Clitocybe Rivulsar 02:54
  4. Torn Legs Upside 05:58
  5. Galerina Marginata 01:47
  6. Slave At The Oceanic Heart 05:58
  7. Syria 07:52
  8. Passion For LSD Comedowns 07:03
  9. Outstanding Performance 10:10
    10.Hopeless and Old 10:18


A collection of straight Black metal tracks (Inspired by Burzum, Darkthrone and the expanse of ultra primitive black metal available) entwined with Heavy Psych (Inspired by Blue Cheer, Vanilla Fudge and Sir Lord Baltimore), Free Jazz (Inspired by Mats Gustaffson, Peter Brotzman and Ornette Coleman) and lengthy Grateful Deadesque Jam excursions.